Jeff Summa and the Roasters are a psychedelic rock band from the rolling hills of historic Litchfield, Connecticut. 

The Roasters are a six-piece ensemble with a deep, diverse sound fueled by dueling guitars that work together to bridge a fat, cohesive jam vibe. Pumped-up keys, melodic sax round out the sound and a hard-driving, thunderous rhythmic section of bass and drums hold it all together. The combination delivers a unique fusion of sound that magically swirls cosmic, dynamic patterns of rock, blues, jazz and funk into dance-friendly grooves and positive energy vibes. The Roasters dive deep into the psychedelic abyss in their extensive and riveting live performances. 

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The Roasters' live shows consist of their original songs from their critically acclaimed debut lp "Open Road Ahead" filled with fan favorites Long Slow Roast, High Now, Let It Flow and Frank Shmank. The Roasters also breath new life into covers from their influential bands Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, The Band, Traffic, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominoes and so much more!

Open Road Ahead CD Release Date: 5/18/19

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